What is
game-based learning?

What are the benefits?

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The use of game-based learning methods will make education more entertaining, interactive and fun. This makes learning more engaging and helps to hold the attention of busy professionals.


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When using the game-based learning methods, education will become more dynamic, interesting and enjoyable. Which helps to retain the attention of busy professionals and make learning more engaging.


Our game-based learning solution uses a combination of immersive 3D simulation and scenario-based learning, making it more relevant and immediately applicable to the professional's job. Employees can apply the knowledge they have gained more easily in their daily jobs.

Kind words from our users

Dr. U. Strauch
Chairman commission simulation, NVIC
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Serious games give us the opportunity for knowledge transfer to take place in a fun and interactive manner.

Tanja Beldman
Anesthesiologist, Tergooi MC
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Serious games serve an educational purpose and use simulation and gamification to achieve it.
This unique combination of elements offers many advantages. You can safely practice different patient cases, you learn interactively and effectively, and you do not have to go to an on-site training.

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Dr. N.F. Schroten
Internist-intensivist, Gelre hospitals
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With simulations, you can practice situations in the ICU that are infrequent in daily practice.

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in a safe

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Get direct personalised feedback from the virtual expert.

Practice (high risk) simulations in a safe way
Ability to make mistakes without consequences
Learn and retrain at your own pace


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Game-based learning increases engagement, motivation, and knowledge retention among learners,
while providing a safe and interactive environment to practice and develop new skills.

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Learning on demand

Thanks to the mobile nature you can learn 24/7 and everywhere.

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Connect with your LMS. Use Single Sign-on and sync your progress.

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With realistic 3D environments and animations, learning becomes more memorable.

Upskill your employees.
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